AirQPort® vs. Air Purifiers – What is the Difference?

AirQPort® vs. Air Purifiers – What is the Difference?

The AirQPort® provides Clean AND Fresh Air

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers only clean the air already present in a room and they can be able do this job very efficiently, however, you are exposed to pollution at least for some time. Since Air Purifiers lack a fresh air supply, CO2 will soon rise to unhealthy levels.


The AirQPort® is the 1st system, that provides clean air while also supplying fresh air. The cleaning process takes place before the air enters, therefore you do not get in contact with polluted air. CO2 is in balance ensuring healthiest air.

Why you do Not Need an Air Purifier

Case 1: Polluted Ambient Air

If the air of your surroundings is polluted, opening windows is a threat, since harmful particles enter the room and your lungs. An Air Purifier might be able to get rid of these substances. However, this takes time during which CO2 increases to dangerous levels, evoking the need to let new air in. This means you are either subjected to pollution or to unhealthy CO2 levels.

Case 2: Clean Ambient Air

With clean ambient air in your environment, there really is no need for an air purifying device. You can open windows and get the fresh air supply you need by repeating this process regularly. The AirQPort® system can take over this task from you to ensure healthy and balanced air during day and night.

Learn more about the Air Quality Development during the day with the different devices.

The All New AirQPort®

The 1st Fresh & Clean Air Supplier

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The AirQPort® provides an unlimited supply of fresh & healthy air

The Breeze Lab’s AirQPort® is the only system on the market, that cleans air from outside to improve air quality. Ambient air is being channeled through an advanced filtration system to provide clean and healthy breathing air inside, making common ventilating by opening windows unnecessary or even obsolete.
Air Purifiers on the other hand, only treat the air already present in the room to get rid of unwanted substances. Therefore, you still need to let unfiltered air in from outside, potentially causing harmful substances and odors to enter your living space.

With the AirQPort®, you will get an unlimited and uninterrupted supply of clean & fresh breathing air. Learn more.