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Living Space | The Breeze Lab | Air Quality Solutions

Living Space

Home is where you and your family spend the most important time for your health: The recreational phases.

How good is your Air Quality at Home?

In order to achieve good Air Quality in your apartment or house, there are some key influencing factors: Blocking harmful outside substances, balancing CO2 and oxygen and odor control.


The quality of sleep is one of the most important factors of your overall well-being and long-term health. An increase in CO2 level impairs the sleeping quality and thus your productivity on the next day, the metabolism and immune system.

Living Room

As the center of your living space, the living room requires special attention in Air Quality management. Getting enough oxygen and shielding yourself and your family from harmful substances occurring in the outside air is of utter importance.


Proper air circulation in the kitchen is significant for extinguishing cooking related odors and smoke. This is important for your personal perception and comfort as well as for controlling moisture and preventing mold.

The All New AirQPort

The first ever Air Quality Management system that cleans outside air from unwanted substances to supply fresh and healthy air inside.

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