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At the workplace, a significant part of life is spent. In order to be able to perform, excellent Air Quality is required.

How Good is the Air Quality at your Workplace?

Similar to your home, there are some key influencing factors of Air Quality in the workspace:
Balance of CO2 and oxygen, blocking harmful outside substances and odor control.


Balancing CO2 levels is decisive for productivity. When the ratio of carbon dioxide rises in the office, mental abilities and concentration are impaired. To keep the efficiency level of yourself and your co-workers up, consistent air circulation is needed.


A medical office shall be a healthy environment where patients come to get well. Therefore, immaculately clean air is a fundamental requirement. Moreover, as in other workspaces, balancing CO2 levels is a significant factor for the productivity of doctors and their staff.

The All New AirQPort

The first ever Air Quality Management system that cleans outside air from all unwanted substances to supply fresh and healthy air inside.

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